Accomodating children with special dietary

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Accomodating children with special dietary

These regulations require substitutions or modifications in school meals for children whose disabilities restrict their diets. This guide provides guidance on the requirement for school food authorities to ensure equal access to Program benefits for children with disabilities, which includes providing special meals to children with a disability that restricts their diet.The guide includes nine major sections: Introduction; Statutory and Regulatory Requirements; Making a Meal Modification; Reimbursement for Modified Meals; Meal Modifications and Substitutions; Meal Service Accommodations; Procedural Safeguards and Training; Non-Disability Situations; and Appendices.Situation: A child with a disability must have a full breakfast each morning.Is the school food service required to provide a breakfast for this child even though a breakfast program is not available for the general school population?Situation: A child has a life threatening allergy which causes an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts.The slightest contact with peanuts or peanut derivatives, usually peanut oil, could be fatal.

Situation: As part of the therapy for a child with a disability, the licensed physician has required the child to consume six cans of cranberry juice a day.

For example, a food allergy does not need to causes anaphylaxis in order to be considered a disability.

A non-life threatening allergy may be considered a disability and require a meal modification, if it impacts major bodily function or other major life activity.

If your child has “life threatening” food allergies that are part of his disability you should read School plans should establish priorities for reducing the risk of exposure to food allergens and establish practices for responding to food allergies.

For information, articles, caselaw, legal reference files, resources, and free publications relating to allergy, anaphylaxis go to.

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