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8minutedating jobs

In a sense, quality may be sacrificed for quantity -- a blessing, some may argue, compared to enduring a dreadful four-hour long blind date."We always say, you're not going to know if you want to marry a person in four minutes," said Testani, Hurry Date's president.

In the less than four years since its inception, the upstart company has hosted more than 2 million mini-dates involving thousands of singles.

While noting that some participants go too far, Deckinger said that "differentiation is key in Hurry Date.

As long as you can stick out from the crowd, you're golden."Whether any Hurry Daters found true love remains to be seen.

Creating an environment that allows singles to meet many people in a short period of time is nothing new, nor original to Hurry Date.

Numerous companies around the world -- such as Fast Dater, 8minute Dating, 25Dates.com, Turbo Date, among many others -- work off the same basic concept.

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At Hurry Date, this breakneck, dizzying approach to relationship building aims to generate long-lasting partnerships, one-night flings or, if nothing else, a few amusing anecdotes.