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He would like to thank Pete Payne, of Willow Lake Signs and Designs, for the advice he gave during various stages of construction.

According to his fellow Lions’, Merriman has a natural artistic ability to produce various things and enjoys doing so in retirement.

During his working career, he was in the military police for six years, followed by two years with the Toronto police and finally more than 32 years with London Police Services in London, ON.

The Bayfield Antique Show and Sale is now 25 years young!

And also in January religious studies teacher Stuart Kerner was spared jail, despite being convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child after a judge controversially suggested the victim may have 'groomed him'.

Andrew Tetley, 28, who worked at a school in Lancashire, was handed a suspended sentence after the judge at Preston Crown Court accepted his claim that he believed the pupil was 16 - despite the fact he had access to records which would have confirmed her age.

But their fling ended when Giffin ‘rekindled a relationship’ with another ex-pupil of the same school, whom he met on a night out.

“The newly installed hydrants on Bayfield’s Main Street were put to their first use and proved to be a great benefit,” concluded Siertsema.

Due in large part to the dedicated efforts of a club member, the Bayfield Lions’ Club has an exquisite new sign designating the Bayfield Lions Community Building at 6 Municipal Road in the village.

Among the teachers to have gone before a misconduct hearing in 2014 are a headteacher who took a 15-year-old girl on overnight trips to the seaside and a PE teacher who had sex with a 17-year-old student in a hotel after a night out.

An investigation in to the relationship was halted after Mr Barnwell was sacked from Woodside High School in Wood Green, north London, between 20.

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In 2010, the show will be held at the Bayfield Arena, Aug. The dealers, two of whom have come for all 25 years, love the show and bring beautiful antiques and collectibles, big and small, to suit every taste and pocketbook. During these times the church runs a café offering sandwiches, tea, coffee and delicious homemade sweets – so visitors never have to worry about going hungry while shopping.