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"R70 - Yabitsu" - I deeply inhale oxygen that the forest exhales, in comparison with someone's argument "I tried xxxx - but didn't inhale".

I mistakenly broke the neck of the corroded side mirror during adjustment, so I scanned reasonable options at the local discount home center, culled a modest one and installed successfully on May 22 2005. At the lake side Yamanaka, which is located just beside Mt.

Fuji, in the overcast summer morning of June 25 2005.

"Lake Yamanaka" With elegant swans on the surface "Swan" - Hope we the general pathologists and Sevens with minimalist's philosophy are not singing swan song.

Fuji at Tarobo and center console re-covered with artificial suede: May 16 2015 Compulsory automobile inspection passed: April 18 2015 Full blossom along Doshi Road: March 14 and 28 2015 Mizugatsuka Parking Lot for test flight of drone quadcopters: February 28 2015 Lake Yamanaka and Mikuni Pass: January 31 2015 Mount Fuji with evening glow viewed from Hayama: January 11 2015 New Year visit to Lake Yamanaka: December 6 2014 Fully snow-capped Mount Fuji seen from Lake Yamanaka: October 18 and November 15 2014 Second and third round-Mt Fuji tour in this season: September 27 2014 First round-Mt Fuji tour in this season: September 23 2014 ETC unit replaced: May 10 2014 Odometer hits 80,000 km: April 19 2014 Route 413, so-called Doushi-No-Michi, tour: March 29 and April 5 2014 Sakura in Yugawara Town: March 22 2014 No more snowscape in Mikuni Pass: March 8 2014 Mount Fuji in snowscape Lake Yamanaka/Mikuni Pass after two heavy snow hit Kanto area: January 11 2014 Diamond Fuji under clear sky: January 2 2014 Odometer hits 77,777km: December 23 2013 Replacement of engine oil and oil filter: November 16 2013 Almost fully snow-capped Mount Fuji: October 13 and November 9 2013 Around Mount Fuji tour in autumn color: June 2 2013 Yabitsu tour: April 13 2013 Spring blossom along Route 413: February 16 and 23, and March 16 2013 Mount Fuji tour to Lake Yamanaka: January 26 2013 Mount Fuji tour under very low temperature: January 12 2013 Change of engine oil and filter, with repair painting of rusty parts: November 10 2012 The 23th Go-around tour of Mount Fuji -perfect day-: October 13 2012 Go-around tour of Mount Fuji - early autumn- : September 16 2012 Odometer hit 70,000 km: May 19 2012 Go-around tour of Mount Fuji - Last snow-cap -: May 12 2012 Regular checkup finished with broken muffler heat shield struts fixed, and tour to Yabitsu Pass: April 22 2012 Rupture of supporting struts of muffler: February 18 2012 Replacement of rocker gasket at Elite Motors: January 15 2012 Replacement of spark plug: December 10 2011 Fully snow-capped Mount Fuji viewed from Lake Yamanaka: December 4 2011 Fully snow-capped Mount Fuji viewed from Miura Peninsula: November 27 2011 Go-around tour of Mount Fuji second time this season - Full Autumn Leaves -: November 13 2011 Snow-capped Mount Fuji: October 29 2011 Go-around tour of Mount Fuji - Autumn Leaves - )My Birkin under cherry in full bloom at noon on April 16 2011, on Tsubaki Line of Yugawara, one month after 3.11 Tohoku (East Japan) Earthquake and the associated disaster of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant."Wimpy Chuck" "Hayama Beach" on August 20 2005, where I swim and get some sun on the weekends during summer season, not necessarily in order to suppress anti-gonadal function of the pineal gland by light stimulus through retina.A part of the white outer wall of the Japanese "Emperor's Villa" can be seen on the right edge of this panorama image.The Japanese are very fond of this variety for its humbleness reflecting the spirit of traditional Bushido, which is the code of the Japanese samurai, stressing self-discipline, bravery, and simple living."Yamazakura" On the local touring road, prefectural Route-70, in Kanagawa on May 21 2005.

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