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Tribalism is potentially present in all groups, but levels differ a lot even in groups of nominally the same type.

Modern Belgium seems like an unusually non-tribal nation; Imperial Japan in World War II seems like an unusually tribal one.

In Stage 1, each group of campers would settle in, unaware of the other group’s existence.

The Eagles, retelling the tale among themselves, turned the whole affair into a magnificent victory—they’d chased the Rattlers “over halfway back to their cabin” (they hadn’t).Then they returned to their cabin where they entrenched and prepared weapons (socks filled with rocks) in case of a return raid.After the Eagles won the last contest planned for Stage 2, the Rattlers raided their cabin and stole the prizes. The early Muslims were debating who was the rightful caliph.It seems like a pretty minor thing to have centuries of animus over.

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Each group developed a negative stereotype of Them and a contrasting positive stereotype of Us. The Eagles, after winning one game, concluded that the Eagles had won because of their prayers and the Rattlers had lost because they used cuss-words all the time.