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However, after the sisters lost their connection to the Elements, the spell was broken and Discord broke free.Later in the series, Princess Celestia decides that Discord should be reformed so his magic can be used for good.The three Cutie Mark Crusaders bicker over what it is supposed to represent, resulting in his statue beginning to crack.

John de Lancie let slip at a Calgary Expo panel that he had lent his voice again for a future episode; he later confirmed this on Twitter.

Don't tell a story; do describe specific instances from the work of fiction.

The word "draconequus" is composed of the Latin "draco" or Greek "drakon", meaning "dragon", and the Latin "equus", meaning "horse".

In addition, he has a bat's right wing, a Pegasus' left wing, a horse's mane, and a dragon-like snake's tail with a white tail tuft. Discord bears a resemblance to a Chinese dragon, a creature often depicted with a serpentine body, facial hair, feline claws, and antlers.

Discord first appears in The Return of Harmony Part 1 during the opening scene, encased as a statue in the Canterlot sculpture garden.

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He can just not feel like helping."This section is written from an in-universe perspective.