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In western tradition, it is commonly associated with completeness and seen as a perfect and harmonious unit.

As a Perfect 12 member you will work directly with founder Simona Fusco.

Many engaged couples plan to hold their weddings on December 12, 2012, while some expectant parents hope to deliver their baby on that date.

For people attaching special significance to numbers, the highlight of this auspicious day will occur at twelve minutes and twelve seconds past noon.

"Oh um Hannah and I are dating now, isn't that amazing? "What did you say" I look over then realised I said that out loud. Did something happen in class today or at the park. I laid back down and grabbed my phone from the side table seeing I have a text from Hannah.

" He's smile grew two times bigger, it kind of scared me. "Did you just call her barbie" He raised an eyebrow. "N-no I was just thinking about something else" I jumped up from my bed and head over to the bathroom. "I Um went to the park since you were um busy" He mumble stumbling over to his bed. "It didn't mean you had to run off, Hannah is fine with you" I smile reassuring him. "N-no I was just thinking about something else." He jumped up from his bed and strolled over to the bathroom. I spent the Next hour texting Hannah and eating food on my bed. He's been there for an hour now just staring at the same book and taking notes.

Earlier, 52 Dating owners included Mikka Telio of Finexpo LTD in 2017.I quietly crawl from my bed and sneak up on Keegan whose focusing really hard on a page from his text book.I held my breath and quickly shoved his shoulder and shouted "BOO! Next thing Keegan jumps up from his chair and falls out sideways onto the floor.December 12, 2012 or 12-12-12 was the last date of its kind - when all three numericals in a date are the same - for the next 88 years.The next time this will happen is on January 1, 2101, or 01-01-01.

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Even so, special date patterns occur more often than you might think.

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