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But if they sideline these questions and refuse to answer them, run away!You have the right to know what you're getting into..“The personal ads where they say, ‘I like to take long walks on the beach,’ those things are minor,” says Louanne Cole Weston, Ph D, a marriage and family therapist.

From the jitters to cold feet, to the burning questions you should ask each other and come to terms on before you walk down the aisle, experts give Web MD a crash course in building a marriage that will last a lifetime.Here are your pre-wedding topics for discussion: If you dig your way through these issues with your betrothed and find you don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, don’t panic -- disagreeing is not a recipe for divorce.“Sometimes there are differences that are sizeable in these area, and that’s OK -- you don’t want to marry your clone,” says Weston.“While it doesn’t always happen that way, knowing where you each stand on these issues before you even consider marriage is ideal.” But better late than never, explains Weston.Even for June brides who are steps away from saying “I do,” getting through these issues now with their husbands-to-be is far better than putting them off until after the honeymoon.

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“It’s important for brides and grooms to know that the jitters are OK,” Moir-Smith tells Web MD.