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These figures are of added interest knowing that this year a pair bred successfully in the UK for the first time, on the Somerset Levels.

Over 37,000 Black Kites were recorded this year, nearly 14,000 of them on just one day, the 7th August, after a few days of bad weather during which birds just had to sit and wait in the foothills to the north.The LPO's press release, in French, can be seen here.It appears that these trappers, all fairly elderly, really don't have much else to do with their spare time, although that did not seem to cut much ice with the legal authorities.I experienced something similar myself on 2nd August at the Col du Soulor, further east, when nearly 6500 Black Kites passed through once the skies had cleared after several days of frustratingly low cloud and no birds at all.But definitely worth the wait, for me if not for the birds themselves.

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It is encouraging to see that the recent trend is upwards.