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Probably wasted a huge amount of money for the owner but that's what the real estate office insisted. I've know people who fall behind on their rent, but still have nights out drinking and go out and buy new clothes.I used to be a landlord myself so I am a model tenant. It's like they think its ok for the landlord to wait – and then have the gall to get upset when the landlord's not happy and takes action. I have a family and bills to pay, just like everyone else. Likewise, I don't want anything of the tenant's left behind when they vacate. Inspections and maintenance Unless I know I have an excellent (long-term) tenant, I like to have the property regularly inspected (with corrent notice given). So that I can receive rent is why I rent out my property. I can't imagine my bank caring when I tell them about my tenant's personal problems being the reason I can't pay my mortgage. When I rent out my property, I have it cleaned to a high standard (inside and out). I expect it to be left in the same clean condition, minus fair wear and tear. Everything that was at the property when the tenant moved in should be there when they vacate. If anything is damaged during the tenancy by the tenant, I believe the tenant should "make good" at their expense, not mine.I had a broken tile, i repaired myself with some stuff, was easier than ringing up waiting.I was in dept of housing one day, heard elderly lady going of about that, housing manager shaking her head, wonder why their 2mill in debt, a neighbour would do it if they asked.I believe a tenant has a responsibility to report maintenance issues ASAP just as much as the landlord has a responsibility to take reasonable action. Lease renewal and rent increases If you don't pay your rent on time and look after the place, I will seek to have you move out ASAP. If you need me to have a tradesman attend to do everything for you that an average unskilled person could do (eg.change a light bulb etc), then expect a rent hike, as I have to pass on this cost. i never resented the landlord wanting to inspect the property he owns Why did i do all that??

I want to know about maintenance so that I can avoid ongoing damage and keep the property in a good maintained condition.

When I pay good rent on a nice place I expect it to be maintained. Changing a lightbulb is a bit excessive sure, but technically you need to be a qualified electrician to do that in apparently Victoria.

So perhaps due to liability or insurance, there could be reasons why a tenant wouldn't want to do it themselves.

Will be looking at investment property shortly and am planning on managing it myself.

As long as it's made clear at the beginning of the tenancy then there shouldn't be a problem.

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Can you come around and get rid of it, and we can talk about replacing my stuff. I have to laugh at this as its sadly so believable.